Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Seersucker is an American restaurant in Carroll Gardens. It has recently become my favorite place for brunch. The food is outstanding and a lot of other people agree. There is always a long wait.

Still, I decided to meet my friend Colin there for a lunch meeting today. I assumed that a weekday meal would be better experience. I was not disappointed.

I won't wax too poetic here and I will limit my outpouring to the one item that illustrates my experience today: the gorgeous heirloom tomato soup. It was perfectly rich without being heavy. Warm in color, temperature, texture and flavor it was the perfect antidote for the cold outside. Spicy, the soupwas beautifully balanced with a finish of fruity olive oil.

This was not the only reason that Seersucker soared for me today. Without the throngs of waiting people weighing it down the music, the light, the space itself harmonized with the simple and straight forward food in a way that is not as apparent during a Saturday afternoon rush. I may never come back during the weekends again.

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