Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

This Sunday, before our one year anniversary party at Va Beh', we gathered up the kids and drove out to our friends Lorenzo and Simona's home in New Jersey for lunch. It was their daughter's fifth birthday, their parents had just arrived from Tuscany and they wanted to kick off the holidays with a small gathering.

We walked in, to this. It was a sign of things to come: 

Across the room, these stood near the Christmas tree like neat little gifts: 

...waiting for their chance to be roasted on the open fire 

We all felt like this: 

And we gathered around the fireplace and watched the fire spit and crackle, with prosecco in hand, and talked and laughed and waited for the meat to sear, while the kids played and ran all over the house. 

When the steaks were ready, perfectly roasted potatoes were pulled out of the oven. The kids stopped playing. Everyone was hushed as we made our plates and found a place to sit and eat. The meat was wild and rich and full of the smoke and flavor of the wood. The potatoes were perfectly cooked in just olive oil and salt and were the perfect yin to the yang of the meat.  And I felt like I was in a dream or in a Christmas song. The food, our friends, the joy of the children all made me feel overwhelmed with gratitude. It was a fantastic way to start the holiday. 

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