Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Piano Lessons!

Ryan has been taking piano lessons for the last three months. He loves it and is doing so well that my mom was inspired to give Jada lessons for her second birthday.

Students usually start at three years old, but always the advocate for her children, my mother talked the teacher in to giving us a free evaluation because Jada is already so musically inclined.

Miss Katherine, the teacher, was respectfully skeptical. Most two year olds cannot consistently follow instruction or sit still for an hour, but she would try.

Well, Jada sat down next to Ryan at the piano and took over the keys! Miss Katherine tried to go with flow and channel Jada's momentum by asking her to touch the black keys and then the white keys. Jada completely ignored her and the evaluation turned in to a free style duet with her cousin!

The enthusiasm is definitely there but we are going to wait another year for Jada to take formal lessons. In the meantime, she can live vicariously through Ryan, watching him play and practice. She has her own little piano at home too. Everyday, she sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" while "playing" it, with perfect pitch and to her own beat.

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