Thursday, December 13, 2012

Creatures of Ritual

Having a kid has made us reluctant creatures of habit, to some degree. So, when we are working and running around Park Slope during the day, with Jada in tow, we always go to one of two places for lunch. Rice Thai Kitchen is our go-to spot for "noodles", Jada's favorite food.

This place is not fancy. It is a casual neighborhood joint with a little more flavor and flair than your average Chinese restaurant. Service is minimal but easy to overlook at a $6.99 price point.  They are consistent. Every dish that we have ever ordered has been the same every time and that is no small feat. Their chicken pad thai is our go-to dish for Jada. It is not too wet or too sweet and probably the most balanced version of the dish in the neighborhood. Mike and  I share the basil chicken. Fragrant with basil and onions and perfectly al dente slices of peppers, this spicy dish always warms us up and gets the blood flowing. For these reasons, lunch at Rice Thai Kitchen has become something that we look forward to, less of a habit and more of a ritual. 

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