Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grilled Schiacciata and Pizza

Schiacciata is Italian for "flattened bread". Some people compare it to focaccia but it is much thinner, lighter and crisper. Drizzled with a little olive oil, salt and pepper it is simple and divine. We made some a few days ago, when we were gifted a pizza stone by one of our new neighbors. 

Mike made the dough from scratch (with a recipe he conveniently forgets to share with me). It is the same dough he uses to make pizza. Light and airy, it is even irresistible to Jada, who first wanted to eat it raw and then reluctantly conceded to accepting her own dough to shape her very own pizza. 

With Jada effectively distracted, we worked on prepping our sauce and mozzarella. When we turned around to check on Jada, it was clear that she's put a lot of thought in to her toppings too. 

Her pie didn't get put on the grill but the pizza stone put out some bangers for us. A firmer and crisper crust enhanced the warm cheese and tomato topping. The schiacciata was fantastic too. 


  1. I see Jaja has a keen eye to details. Another mini chef in the making. I miss Michele's schiacciata. :-(

  2. We'll make some together when we come back to NY!