Friday, May 24, 2013

Jada's First Pedicure

With only two years of treading on her little paws, Jada is not in need of a pedicure but she definitely wanted one on our most recent visit to Dashing Diva

She loves her toes painted at home so I was not surprised by her request, " I paint my toes too?", when I  sat down to put my own tired feet in to the warm bath prepared for me. 

So, our accommodating friends at the spa obliged and delicately placed her little toes in my tub. She giggled and smiled, "Wook! Just like Mommy!" 

Our pedicurists sat side by side and worked in tandem, gently cleaning, filing and moisturizing until we were ready for the polish. 

"So pretty!" she whispered as the first coat of pink was brushed on her toes. 

She wasn't the only one smiling.