Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Memorial Day Escape: South Beach, Staten Island

No BBQ or cookout for us yesterday. We have been entertaining every night since we have been home. So, we escaped to the beach this Memorial Day. No picnic basket. No snacks. We didn't even carry a bottle of water, having made up our minds to pig out on hot dogs are burgers at the little food shack by the shore. 

South Beach is a thirty minute walk from our house, right through Fort Wadsworth

With amazing views of the Verrazano... 

.... and the old remains of the fort that bears its name. 

Stunning views of the bay...

 ...and soft surf...

Confident in her new "swimming" skills from Hawaii, Jada promptly jumped in and fell face first in to the water. 

She had to wear my hoodie back to the boardwalk, where we had a clean shirt. 

But no dry bottoms. 

So, she played in the park in her pampers. 


While Pop-Pop looked on. 

Memorial Day was was fun and simple this year, a lazy day with the fam and just what we needed. We hope yours was too. 

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