Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby's First Manicure!

So, we are preparing for our trip to Maui. A last minute mani-pedi at Dashing Diva is standard protocol. And I decided to bring Jada along too.

"Mommy, nice nails!" is a common compliment and she immediately insists on a fresh coat of paint for her own.

I thought that she would be thrilled to ger her nails done with me, but as soon as the manicurist tried to touch her little fingers Jada started to cry. "No nails, Mommy. No nails," she insisted nervously.

"Ok," I agreed. "The lady will just do my nails."

She sat on my lap and watched the process of cleaning and filing suspiciously, but once the nail painting began she lost all reservation.

"Me too!" she smiled.

So, Jada got her first manicure, a quickie without the cleaning or the filing, with the same color as her Mama, with the bonus of two little hand drawn green flowers (her color choice) on each pointer finger. She was delighted. And I was too.

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