Sunday, March 24, 2013

Movie Night at The Wharf Cinema Center, Lahaina

                                                                      Source: viaDianne on Pinterest

What do you do on a cloudy day in Maui? Same as a rain day anywhere else: You go to the movies. We went to the only theatre in town, on the Front Street strip and in walking distance from our hotel: The Wharf Cinema Center sits in the rear of a labyrinth of Mom and Pop shops, restaurants and tourist traps, completely hidden from the street and illustrating the minimal importance of movie watching in a place like this.

If you have a toddler in tow, you catch a 4:30pm showing of something animated and mutually entertaining, like "The Croods", stretching out in a theatre almost empty and entirely your own. You let your baby run through the aisles and don't shush her when she makes loud declarations about how funny she finds the film. You walk out of the theatre feeling satisfied and a little disoriented. You are accustomed to dull concrete under your feet and dingy high rises above. It is strange to come out of the dark and on to sand, your eyes adjusting to the still bright light bouncing off of the ocean.

You walk the few blocks home, thinking about what you will make for dinner. It is a good night to stay in, have drinks out on the lanai. You won't see shooting stars tonight, only the swirl of clouds around the mountain in your view, until you fall asleep.

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