Monday, October 1, 2012


So the Barclay's Arena is open at long last. If there was always a soft purr of activity on Flatbush Ave before, now it is a roar! In terms of pure volume (people, cars, commerce), the physical space around the arena is almost unrecognizable.

The effects on us have been instant. Va Beh' is packed from 5pm through 1am, at least that was the case this weekend. We have all been working non-stop, and as a native Brooklynite, it feels good to be a part of the new energy and growth of our neighborhood in my own small way.

The newspapers reported that at Jay-Z's opening show on Friday, he talked about how Brooklyn's rags to riches story parallels his own and that immediately struck a chord with me. Many of us share the same essential and particular story. It is emotional and empowering to see an image reflecting our experience back to us. In this way, the Barclay's Arena is more than a building. It is a testament to possibility and an homage to us all.

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