Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jada's First Trip to the Staten Island Zoo

Jada's most persistent refrain, "Mommy, I ride a horse?" is only seconded by, "Mommy, I go see animals?" She asks almost every day. 

Ty suggested that we take the kids to the local zoo and make a day out of it. We all had a blast! Being a Park Slope/ city snob, my expectations were really low for this small zoo but it was just as good as the Prospect Park Zoo or the Central Park Zoo and, in some respects, even better. The children were allowed greater interaction with a bigger variety of animals. The petting zoo at the end of the visit was a very special experience because the children are allowed to roam in a corral with goats and llamas and sheep. Jada also loved the pony rides and has been asking to go back to the zoo every day since. We will definitely make another trip soon!

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