Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On Being Gypsies

So, since the closing of our house in Brooklyn we have shacked up temporarily in the following places (in chronological order): 

  • a friend's apartment on 42nd St. 
  • Piacenza, Italy 
  • back to the friend's apartment on 42nd St. 
  • Maui, Hawaii 
  • another stay at 42nd St. (Until we just couldn't take the traffic, noise and degenerates any longer.)
  • my mom's on Staten Island 
Now, craving privacy and space, we have resorted to hotel hopping. Our first night was at The Dream Hotel. The white room sprinkled with sharp cornered tabletops was not conducive to a relaxing night with a crayon toting, wobbly two year old. We checked out the next morning. We've spend the last few days at The Omni Hotel in midtown. Better because it is softer and warmer but there is not much space beyond the king size bed. Tomorrow, we check in to The Box in Brooklyn. Stay tuned. 

They say that problems are always hardest when things are about to get better. Our patience is definitely wearing thin and the adventure that we thought the summer would be is, day by day, decaying in to a kind of cold inertia. Hopefully, we will be able to close on our new home and put down our roots next week.

On the bright side, Jada is oblivious to it all. For her, home is wherever we are together. 

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