Monday, September 17, 2012

Going to the Party

Ryan had his fourth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese this past August and Jada was immediately enamored with the venue and with the concept of birthday parties in particular, but of all parties in general. 

So now, every time Michele and I take her to Va Beh' she points past the Barclay's Center and asks sweetly, "Mommy, we go to the party?" Most days, we are too busy working to spare a moment to take her across the street to the Atlantic Center but this Saturday I found the time and let her roam free for two hours. She had a blast! She even went crazy for some of the more advanced games like skee-ball. This game is an old favorite for me, from family summers spent on the Jersey Shore, and I was so excited to see that she was in to the game. We stood there and played together, enthralled, for thirty minutes: Jada tossing the balls half-way up the lane indiscriminately and me picking them up and throwing them in earnest to try to get enough points for a cool prize. We walked out with with a Dora notepad and four Sponge Bob stickers. Jada was thrilled!   

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  1. Look at all that personality!! What a beautiful girl :) She has your smile, Qi!