Sunday, September 2, 2012

Coming Home To Rainbows

Labor Day always feels more like New Year's for me than the actual holiday. There is new focus and determination after the hazy days of the summer. The jump start of new demands of work and school motivate reflection and assessment. How to make the most of what is left of the year? 

Michele and I have come to a few conclusions this summer, the most substantial being our decision to  move to Maui! And here's why: 

 white sand beaches  
happy babies 
blue skies and soft surf
 spending the day in bathing suits 
long days on the beach together 

quality time with BFFs
good mornings 
 cool shades are a necessary accessory 
 Maui onions in matriciana
 blue skies 
better time together 
 black sand beaches
 laughing at the sun
 Bob Marley

...together at dusk ambrosial

 views of the sea from the front porch...

 ...and driving down in to town

 we love our best friends more 
 and spend more time together

and our children...
 ...are more free and beautiful in Hawaii's light 

There are also, in no particular order: shooting stars, no traffic or honking horns, no crime, constant 82 degree temperatures with no humidity, the spirit of aloha (love, peace and tranquility) as the dominant value system, breathtaking sunrises, pineapples, POG and the strongest sense of belonging we have ever experienced in any place in the world. 

Our timeline is still being defined...stay tuned...

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