Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I made a big clam bake for dinner tonight to celebrate moving in to my mother's house today and to show her my appreciation for letting us stay here as we wait to close on our new house a few blocks away. Old Bay, beer, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, the works. She, my step-dad and I sat around the newspaper covered kitchen table and left piles of red shells and chewed up corn cobs until our fingers were raw.

Strange and comforting to be home with my parents. I never imagined that I'd ever live with them again, even for a short period. I never imagined that I'd call Staten Island home. It is a new life and a new lifestyle. Comforting to have their support during this transition. Showing me the ropes and taking me under their wings, the support of my parents never fails in any circumstance.

I'm looking forward to more time together and the greater intimacy that comes from sharing days and meals and space. My sister lives in the apartment downstairs, with my four year old nephew, and Jada is already relishing this new arrangement too.

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