Saturday, September 7, 2013

From Moonshine to Milk, My Love For the Mini Mason

There was one wine glass left in the cabinet. All of the others had broken and 
dinner was impossible without a pair. So the plan was to pick up temporary replacements on a quick run to the grocery store. 

Single seven dollar cheapies were the only options on the shelf. I refused. 
But when I looked down a little lower, past the rocks glasses and shot glasses,   I spied a bunch of canning jars, all sizes, starting at only two bucks. 

Score. Wine glasses at trattorias and homes all over Italy are little more than the same. John Landis Mason's 1858 patent has been used to hold everything from moonshine to milk here in the US and speaks to simpler, slower times. 

"Why not?" I thought as I picked up two six ounce minis. "It's only for tonight."

Well, let me tell you how I have not been to a home goods store since. The idea of holding onto a skinny stem while I sip my wine holds no satisfaction now. My mini mason feel good in my hand, substantial. It's portable, not precious. It gives me the same satisfaction whether I am drinking Pino or Pepsi, ubiquitous and utilitarian. 

Maybe I'll find my way back to wine glasses. I can see a special occasion needing something more. Until then I'll  be sipping out of my jar, like many Americans before me, completely satisfied. 

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