Friday, June 21, 2013

Sometimes Food Tastes Better In Solitude

No offense to my husband or baby, but when I woke up from putting her down for a nap and realized that that he'd taken a walk to the grocery store a mile away, I knew I was about to have the best meal of the day. Even if it was only the lame day five lunch of the "Shred" diet, soup and salad, the sustained silence that I would enjoy as I ate would be a dream come true.

And it was. Sometimes food tastes better in solitude, especially when it's simple. Romaine with cherry tomatoes and cucumber and a silky spike of red-wine vinaigrette. Tomato soup bodied with puréed cannellini beans. A good read. The most luxurious experience I've had in months. You have to take the moments where you can find them when you're a mom. Sometimes they just fall in your lap. This one was not lost on me. 

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