Tuesday, June 11, 2013

...and it's not all good...

Leaving home was hard this time. Felt final, more permanent. The plan is to come back to New York in October to visit, a one month reconnect with family and friends, but every day our roots feel more firmly rooted in Hawaii and it's not all good. The ties that bind us to our loved ones are taut with these changes. It's hard to be so far away. So much is lost in not being home for the day to day. Still, we are moving forward on faith and on an intuition that, in the long term, we have more to gain than we have to lose. 

That said, I'm happy to report that we have secured a space for our next restaurant. I will share the experience here, as well as the day to day moments worth noting. And I am re-dedicating this space to my family and friends, my team, who cheer me on and keep me lifted up. Although we are far apart, I want to share this new chapter of my life, every step of the way. It goes a long way in making me feel this close to you all. 


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