Wednesday, January 16, 2013


If you live or work in Brooklyn and you need to step away from the madness of modern life, slow down and pamper yourself,  go to D'Mai Urban Spa in Park Slope. You will step through a small glass door in to an oasis. You will be greeted by the soft-spoken staff, gentle music and the soothing scent of gardenia. You will be led across the threshold on a wood-planked passageway to a space where they will relieve you of your exterior burdens, coats, bags, shoes and invite you to slip in to a warm terrycloth bathrobe and soft slippers. You will be invited to refresh yourself with a small glass of cucumber water and offered a hot shower or sauna before your treatment. If you like rigorous deep tissue massage, you will see Richard or Vanessa, but all of the therapists are superb. Irena will be available if you prefer a rebalancing facial or body polish. You will leave your treatment nurtured, centered, slower and at ease and you will be invited to linger as long as you'd like, to enjoy a cup of tea perhaps or more time in the sauna. You will not be the same as when you came. You will be better, more relaxed and more yourself. You will want to come back again soon. 


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