Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Bag of Lentils and A Bunch of Beets

You can make this happen with a bag of lentils and a bunch of beets. 

Who wants to go outside in ten degree weather to find lunch? Or order bad Chinese? Instead, open your pantry, pull out some lentils. Soak them while you saute diced onion, garlic, carrots and red pepper in olive oil. Add the lentils and chicken stock to your pot. Season. Simmer. Done. 

While your soup is coming together, pull a bunch of beets out of the fridge. Break them down and slice them in to medallions. But don't throw away the greens. Clean and chop these too. Throw it all in to a saute pan with olive oil and shaved garlic. Season. Stir. Done. 

If you have a brick of cheese to throw on the table for good measure, do it. We had some robiola and drizzled it with olive oil. 

Warm some frozen bread. Pour some red wine. And have a hearty, healthy lunch that will beat anything you will find outside in the cold. 

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