Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time To Break Down The Jacks!

Time to break down the jacks! Carved and colored pumpkins littering our living room are now fodder and food. 

"We're gonna eat this ok?" I sweetly informed my nephew Ryan, as I plucked up one of his pumpkins. His name was written on its side. 

"No!", he reached out to grab it from me. 

"Ok." I dropped the gourd in to his open hands and turned to my daughter Jada without missing a beat. "Can we eat yours?" 

"Sure!" she smiled.

That's my baby. And I didn't let her down. Asia and I made an amazing pumpkin soup with a fragrant base of onion, garlic, fennel and blanched tomatoes. We added kale and cannellini beans to give the soup a real depth of flavor and texture. A fragrant bouquet of sage and rosemary finished the soup and helped make it an incredible starter to what was ultimately a very kid friendly and palette pleasing meal.

If enough of you want the recipe, I'll put it up. It's a winner for the winter. 

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