Monday, November 4, 2013

Spontaneous Stops at Blue Ribbon & Royal Crown

Lazy Sunday, a little off kilter with the extra hour and all. Late start and slow moving, we somehow missed breakfast and started the day with a take out lunch from the local Royal Crown. The best bread in New York, we used them exclusively at Va Beh' but the food at this bakery is fantastic too. Jada dove in to an eggplant parm sandwich that was literally bigger than her head. Asia blew through an arancini the size of a grapefruit. Mike went with his usual, the roasted chicken. I had a little bit of everything, picking from everyone's plates.

After naps, we headed to Brooklyn to drop off Asia. Dinner? A spontaneous stop at Blue Ribbon, for old times sake. They never let us down. The food is always great. Family friendly, the atmosphere is better than relaxed. They make us feel at home. And we had the best of the classic American fare that they offer, standards like the fried chicken and the tomato soup.

I'm relishing every New York minute, before we head back to Hawaii. I won't miss the weather or the crowds, but I will savor memories like the ones we made today.

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