Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First Food Truck Rally at Grand Army Plaza!

It's nice to come home to the familiar. Sunday's Food Truck Rally at Grand Army Plaza, in the heart of our home base, was a warm welcome back. There's nothing like the gathering of community around good food. 

Asia, Michele and I spread out as soon as we walked in to the square. Lines were long and time was short. Through the maze of trucks and the thick crowd, I made a bee-line for the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck

My favorite restaurant in Red Hook, they were completely devastated by Hurricane Sandy. It was so exciting to see them back and I wanted to show my support. 

The Connecticut lobster roll is their ultimate offering and never disappoints. The lobster was perfectly cooked, warm and creamy, elevated by the light splash of melted butter and sprinkle of chives on a perfectly toasted bun. Heaven. I shared a bite or two with Asia and Michele, as they waited on their own lines. 

Asia opted for Rickshaw Dumplings. Another classic in our family's repertoire, she picked up two orders of the pork and chive dumplings and one order of the chicken dumplings with peanut sauce. We set them up on the top of Jada's stroller (who was sleeping) and went in with a frenzy with our chopsticks. 

Second course down and completely satisfied, we listened for Michele's order number to be shouted out from Kimchi Taco's Truck. This was a new one for us, a fusion of Mexican and Korean barbecue that seemed undeniable. 

They did not let us down. The chicken tacos were palate bending, marinated in roasted garlic, onions, cilantro, soy sauce and sesame oil and served with pico de gallo, pickled daikon, and kimchi chipotle aoili! We are definitely believers and will stop whenever this truck crosses our path in the future. 

After our extended stay in Maui and our long trip home, our day at the rally felt like a warm embrace from our own part of the world. We left happy and satiated, feeling grounded and connected and finally at home. 

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