Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inheritance or Imitation?

It's amazing to watch a child's preferences and idiosyncrasies reveal themselves. Jada is two now and she is becoming more herself every day. She likes Cheerios for breakfast and broccoli with every other meal. She loves music and movies. She doesn't watch cartoons. She likes stuffed animals but not dolls. She always wants to go to the zoo and talks incessantly about "jumping in the water in Hawaii", especially when it is cold outside.

The nature versus nurture question arises. How many of her affinities are her own and how many are influenced by beach-loving parents or a mom who works in the music business? Does she impulsively "write" with paper and pen because she sees me using them all of the time or does she have a natural affinity for words?

Jada loves playing drums too, as does her father. Is this inheritance or imitation? This video of her at The Guitar Center makes me think it's a little bit of both.

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